How Often Does TLC meet?

TLC meets on the 1st, 3rd & sometimes 5th Wednesdays of the month.

What are TLCplus Classes?

TLCplus classes are for  Jr high and high school students. jobitel TLCplus classes meet weekly.

Does TLC give grades?

TLC does not give grades or credit for classes.  The parent is the primary educator and teacher for their children.  TLC acts only as a supplement to the educational program parents choose to use at home.  It is at the discretion of the parent to determine grade and/or credit for each course.

Are parent(s) required to remain with their children?

Yes!   Parents are required to remain onsite on TLC days.  In some cases, parents of  high school students may leave the campus on TLCplus days that are hosted more often for additional instruction in classes like biology, physics, spanish etc.

What is TLC’s Statement of Faith?

The TLC Statement of Faith includes 9 points. xjobs We ask that all Responsible Adults in the household read and must agree with the 9 points listed.

How much does TLC Cost?

Costs are $25 for each family plus $20 per child over the age of 16 months per semester . A $40 deposit is required to hold your place at TLC upon approval.

Why do I have to volunteer?

TLC is about character, education, knowledge, and skills. We depend on parental participation to  keep things running smoothly. We try hard to match what you like to do with where you help at TLC.

What types of classes does TLC offer?

TLC classes vary each year based on what families are interested and willing to teach. In the past classes have included swing dance, physics, cooking, art, apologia science, writing, PE, graphic design, auto mechanics, ASL, Spanish, speech, and many more. You can read more about past classes and descriptions HERE.

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